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If you’re looking for The Healthy Choice for your horses, birds and animals in Western Sydney, then Castlereagh Feeds is the answer!

With our fixed formula feeds your horses, birds and animals are getting the same wholesome goodness in every mouthful of their feed. Great tasting with added Molafos Ez Glo. Our feeds are vegetarian free from any Restricted Animal Material and therefore save if your horses, equids, dogs and other livestock accidentally break into the feed shed.


We are FeedSafe accredited through the SFMCA which requires the feed manufacturer to undergo an annual site audit, conducted by an independent third-party food safety auditor.

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Why Buy The Natural Choice in Western Sydney?


Processing is minimal to help every grain in our product hold its natural goodness that can be lost through over processing, cooking or extruding. Our gentle steam pelleting process locks in the natural nutrition for easier digestion and absorption.

All Natural

You are what you eat, and so are your animals and birds. At Castlereagh Feeds we jam – pack our bags with loads of natural goodness and freshness. We use only the best quality Australian grown, all natural, wholesome grains. We also use only high quality steam cut lucerne chaff and lucerne meal. You and your animals or birds deserve only the best, so why not try one of our great tasting feeds, ensuring a happy and healthy animal or bird.

Castlereagh’s Premium Vitamin & Mineral Premix

Our Castlereagh premix will help balance out deficiencies in Australian pastures and help you meet the nutritional needs of your animals or birds as well as giving them the gift of health and vitality.

Great Tasting Molafos Ezy Glo

Castlereagh’s unique Molafos Ezy Glo formula has been added for longer lasting freshness, palatability and to aid in digestion. It entices even the most fussiest eaters to try our feeds.

Vegetarian – Contains No Restricted Animal Material

Therefore, our feeds will not harm your horses, equids, dogs and other livestock if they accidentally break into the feed shed.

Our Product is FeedSafe accredited

To obtain FeedSafe® accreditation, feed manufacturers are required to undergo annual site audits, these being conducted by independent third-party food safety auditors.

Some Of Our Products

Our all natural products are made from 100% Australian grown produce

Equine Feed Products

We have a wide range of equestrian products from entry level right through to professional grades, below are some products and a brief description, just to name a few.

CoolShine Stockfeed


All natural, cool grain mix, sure to make their coat sparkle and their personality shine!

CoolShine is a complete, natural horse feed, specifically designed to provide a healthy balanced diet with a taste sure to have your furry friends coming back for more.

EconoCool Stockfeed


Great economical all purpose feed for your horse, cattle, sheep, goats & rabbits.

Castlereagh EconoCool is an ideal pellet for cool energy, packed with 100% all-natural goodness. An economical, palatable, easy to feed pelleted formula for horse resting or in light work. Is also perfect to be used as cattle feed, sheep feed, goat feed and rabbit feed.

ConditionMore Stockfeed


Condition enhancing feed for fattening horses and ponies.

ConditionMore Horse Fattening Pellets is a cool, conditioning formula specifically developed to keep your horse or pony in top condition. High quality protein and amino acids combined with cool, conditioning energy assist with improving muscle development and recovery.

WinMore Stockfeed


Complete muesli feed designed to give your horse the energy to perform at their best.

Lucerne Stud Mix is a complete, no mix, no fuss equine feed that delivers the right combination of chaffs, grains, essential vitamins and minerals. WinMore is a highly palatable digestible energy source that is designed for horses in moderate to high work to perform at their very best.

ShineMore Stockfeed


Highly palatable conditioning formula, designed to bring out the best in your horse.

ShineMore Molasses Grain Mix is a fantastic comprehensive feed, designed to make your horse not just shine but sparkle. This no oat feed will provide your horse with cool energy and a clear mind to help them put their best hoof forward.

ProBalance Stockfeed


High protein, grain free pellet for optimising muscle growth, development & recovery.

Highly palatable and digestible feed for supporting horses in work and mature horses. Ideal for fast growing foals, yearlings through to full maturity, barren & brood mares.Premium grade grain-free pellet, suitable for horses intolerant to cereal grain, including those prone to laminitis.

Cattle Feed Products

Horse & Dairy Stockfeed

Horse and Dairy Feed

Horse & Dairy is a tried and trusted traditional feed that has stood the test of time.

For more than 40 years Castlereagh Horse & Dairy has been the go-to trusted feed for conditioning and fattening livestock. Chocked full of wholegrain goodness, no wonder Horse & Dairy has been relied upon by horse lovers, farmers and stockmen for feeding happy and healthy animals of all varieties.

Poultry and Chicken Feed Products

Poultry & Chicken Feed


SureFire is the healthy choice for an all natural grain scratch mix for healthy chooks.

SureFire is the ideal chicken feed for healthy egg and meat production in free range Chickens and other such birds. Just spread in the yard to encourage your chickens to peck the feed and explore their pen. When used in conjunction with Castlereagh Feed ‘N’ Fire Layer Pellets or RapidFire Layer Mash you will have happy & healthy birds. Castlereagh’s specialised formula provides a nutritionally balanced feed in every mouthful and is 100% All natural, premium grain mix!

Pig Feed Products

Pig Grower Pellets

Pig Grower Pellets

All the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that a pig from 8 weeks of age requires.

Castlereagh pig feed grower finisher pellets are formulated to provide all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that a pig from 8 weeks of age requires. The principal source of energy in Castlereagh grower and finisher pellet is carbohydrates and fats. Castlereagh’s Premium Vitamin & Mineral Premix will give your animals the gift of health and vitality. Not only that but the processing is minimal to help every grain hold it’s natural goodness that can be lost through over processing, cooking or extruding.

Alpaca & Sheep Feed Products

Alpaca & Sheep Feed


All natural premium pellets for all camelids including alpacas, llamas and camels.

High protein, all natural AlpacaPro pellets for healthy Alpaca’s that will make them look good and feel great. Whether you grow microfine AlpacaPro, ride a Camel or keep a Llama as a pet, AlpacaPro, high protein all natural pellets is the ideal all round feed sure to keep your camelid feeling fabulous. 100% all natural! Low grain, no oat content provides slow release of cool energy, minimising digestive disturbances and has an excellent feed conversion rate.

Rabbit & Small Animal Feed

Rabbit & Small Animal Feed


High protein rabbit pellets that will make ‘em breed like rabbits.

All natural rabbit pellets for healthy rabbits that will make them look good and feel great. Contains high quality lucerne meal for wholesome roughage and has the added benefit of being a natural source of vitamin C. A high protein, fixed formula pellet is ideal for growth and development for rabbits and Guinea pigs of all ages along with low grain, no oat content provides slow release of cool energy, minimising digestive disturbances. Your Furry friend will love you for it.

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